Welcome to Ken Tui Massage Services

With team of massage therapists
we give  massage in several luxury
hotels in Amsterdam

In case you are interested to having this service available to the guests at your hotel, please feel free to contact us.

Call: 06 -12319390

What People Are Saying:

  • Marieke Van Der Broek – Amsterdam

    “For over 15 years I suffered from a sore back and pain in my left leg. The doctors couldn’t figured out how to solve it. Elaine diagnosed and treated my sciatic nerve and in few months the pain was gone! My life has changed! ”

  • Donna Karan –  Stylist – New York – (The Dylan – Amsterdam)

    “I have been in Spas all around the world, I have received countless massages and body therapies, but what you (Elaine) do is something different”.

About Ken Tui

Ken Tui was founded in 2003 by Elaine de Oliveira and Yolanda Muntz . The name Ken Tui was inspired by the symbology of the I-Ching; the ancient Chinese book about change and life. Ken (mountain) is an element of nature that transmits power and solidity, while Tui (lake) symbolizes serenity, peace and tranquillity. Together they form a perfect example of balance and harmony.

At our practice on the Da Costastraat in Amsterdam we can help you to relax or to assist you with specific health problems. Your massage therapist can offer you so much more than the treatment of symptoms. If your body is free of energy blockages, it will become stronger and healthier. The body's capacity to heal itself will be enhanced.

Our Team
Ken Tui work together with a team of experienced massage therapists. Each has his or her own specialty, such as for example holistic massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage or shiatsu.

Massage Therapy

What we offer to our clients:

Together we will give attention to what you can feel in your body.
Your body has a lot to tell you. All the answers are already there. It is a matter of learning to listen to your body (better). Together we will discuss what part of your body will receive a massage.
In cooperation we can choose from:
Holistic Massage (mix of Oriental and Ocidental techniques)
- Swedish Massage
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Aroma Massage
- Lymphatic Drainage
- Foot reflexology
- Zen Shiatsu
- Thai
- Ayurveda
- Watsu - Shiatsu in the water (exclusively at Akasha Spa)
- Pregnancy massage
- Chair Massage (for team-work, events in general)

Massage at Hotels

Ken Tui provides the massages at several luxury hotels in Amsterdam, such as:
• The Dylan
• The College Hotel
• Hotel 717
• DoubleTree by Hilton
• Mövenpick
• Park Hotel
• Sir Albert
• The Amstel Hotel
We have for example been working for The Dylan since 2004.
Arranging a massage with Ken Tui is just a phone call away: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The concierge or front office calls Ken Tui and we make sure a massage therapist comes to the hotel. We have about 20 massage therapists on call.


In case you are interested to having this service available to the guests at your hotel, please feel free to contact us.

Call: 06 -12319390

Let’s Get In Touch
Correspondentieadres:  Rozengracht 234 1016SZ - Amsterdam
Contact person: Elaine Oliveira / E-mail: elaine@kentui.com / Phone: 06-55286464
Ken Tui - KvK nummer: 60559330